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axapta:репликация [2018/04/13 22:43] (текущий)
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 +из AxaptaKnowledgeVillage:​
 +Hi Roberto,
 +You need to be aware of the license policy doing this. You need a separate
 +license for each installation.
 +Axapta does not support replication of databases; you can work with
 +export/​import of a given company. This process has a couple of setbacks;
 +Axapta uses a Record ID to identify a single record unique in the Company
 +(in Version 3.0 in 2.5 in all Companies). A SQL database can not enforce
 +this ID across multiple tables, this will not be a problem during daily
 +operation, but on data import a table is created containing all record ID's
 +to convert all references within Axapta. If you have the same record ID in
 +two tables only the first record will be imported. The import/​Export
 +function does not give you the robustness you need to consolidate
 +controlling date on a regular basis. If this is the only solution for your
 +company, you should create a solution yourself.
 +In your case I would stay with the Citrix server. Using a Citrix server
 +gives you a couple of advantages operating and supporting the solution. You
 +would have a central backup of the database. You do not need a
 +IT-Professional on each site to operate Axapta.
 +Using Citrix will give you a couple of challenges within Axapta, but non
 +that has not been solved in Axapta. To control access to each company you
 +need to have the license "​Domains"​. The second problem concerns backup and
 +recovery of a single company within Axapta, as you have only one database
 +for your entire system. Microsoft has published a technical white paper on
 +this issue; you will find the document on the Axapta 2.5 Installation CD in
 +the documentation folder.
 +This is of course my humble opinion.
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