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comment66 [2018/04/13 22:43] (текущий)
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 +В [[Ax40 | ]] 
 +In 4.0 we have added code access security (CAS) to the run-time.  
 +So by  
 +default most of the calls that are I/O or process bound demand  
 +that the code  
 +making the call has the right permission to make the I/O or  
 +process boiund  
 +call. Using a COM component is bound to a different process so  
 +the runtime  
 +demand that the code enforces the InteropPermission check and  
 +checks if the  
 +current user has the permission.   
 +So you've got to create and assert this interopPermission in your  
 +code just  
 +before you make the COM call. Here's how you do it below: 
 +COM com; 
 +InteropPermission permission = new  
 +com = new COM(namespace.classname); 
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